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Puppy Training / Breeder's Courses

THE FIRST COURSE, Younger Puppy Training System, is for people that have or are getting a new German Shepherd Puppy that usually arrives in your home between 2 and 6 months of age. This course takes you through 27 chapters of video teaching by Charles Miller, German Shepherd Man. He shows you with much detail how he raises up his young puppies with GREAT success. This Younger Puppy Training System will show you how to fashion your puppy into the adult dog that will amaze you AND other people as you go through life.

THE SECOND COURSE, Older Puppy Training System, is for older puppies from 6 to 16 months that never received training in their early months of life. If you have an older puppy that needs to start a training program, this is the course for you. German Shepherd Man takes a "raw and untrained" 10 month old puppy named Rachel and shows you the evolution of steps necessary to mold your older puppy into the adult German Shepherd Dog of your dreams. It contains 22 chapters of videos that will show you how he took Rachel from "raw" to a well-trained older puppy ready for a successful life as a trained adult.

THE THIRD COURSE, German Shepherd Breeder's Course, gives you ALL of German Shepherd Man's Secrets and experience so that you can be a confident breeder right from the start. You will be armed with everything you need to know to be successful right out of the gate. And don't forget, German Shepherd Man puts his cell number in the course so you can call him 7 days a week for his professional counsel if needed.